Webinar: Taming The Chimera – Solving Cloud’s App Networking Problem

Sep 20 2022

Join Teneo as our strategic alliance partner, Prosimo presents “Taming the Chimera – Solving Cloud’s App Networking Problem” on September 20th.


What is it like to design a cloud network for performance, security, observability, and massive scale?  Enjoy a live Q&A session with Day Two Cloud podcast hosts Ned Bellavance and Ethan Banks, where they walk through the changing reality of what it means to architect cloud networks using cloud-native constructs.

  • Who is responsible for creating and securing a multicloud network?

  • How do you use NetDevOps to create repeatable, automatable workloads?

  • How does the policy model impact cloud network design?

  • Who owns cloud-hosted data, and how does that impact regulatory compliance?

  • How do you isolate a problem and identify its root cause?  Is it a slow application?  The first-mile network transit?  A configuration error?

To help enterprises cope with the difficulty of standardizing connectivity, security, identity, and visibility across their clouds, this session will focus on the core requirements for architecting a cloud transit and augmenting it with the services needed for a successful, production deployment.

Joining Ned and Ethan will be Amiri Gonzalez, Director of Global Network Architecture at Cigna.  Amiri will share Prosimo’s unique approach to cloud networking–embracing cloud-native constructs while integrating app-centric security and identity management.

Join us for this discussion about how network architects contemplate change and lean into the requirements for a future-proofed, cloud network architecture.  Can we bring data and apps to the center of cloud network transit, or should the networking teams stop at just connectivity? Find out where we end up…


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Ethan Banks & Ned Bellavance, Podcast Hosts, Packet Pushers

Amiri Gonzalez, Director of Global Network Architecture, Cigna


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