Webinar (UK): Discover the Abnormal Approach to Cloud Email Security

Jan 30 2024
10 am - 10.45 am GMT

Imagine this… it’s only 6 months after installing Abnormal Security. You have already stopped 45 email threats per user mailbox, your risk has been reduced by 18x, and you’ve stopped 1400 phishing attacks.

Feels good, right?

With Abnormal Security, you can do all this and more. Teneo’s cloud email security offering powered by Abnormal Security enables you to prevent email and email-like attacks, automate your security operations, and reduce your total spend with one extensible platform.

But we know that seeing is believing – that’s why we’d like to invite you to our upcoming webinar in partnership with Abnormal Security, where you can experience the future of email security firsthand.

During the webinar hosted by Brett Ayres, VP of Product at Teneo, along with Abnormal’s Senior Solutions Engineer Jake Wardell and Enterprise Account Executive Chris Lewis, we will demonstrate how to:

  • Stop costly and targeted email attacks that other solutions miss.
  • Detect and disable compromised internal accounts.
  • Automate your SOC workflows and save time.
  • Improve employee productivity and the end-user experience.
  • Reduce email security costs by replacing your secure email gateway.
  • Extend email protection to Slack, Teams, and Zoom.

Register today to secure your place and experience a future where security isn’t a concern, but a constant companion.


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