Webcast: Securing a Better Digital Experience For Education

Oct 19 2021
10am-11:30am BST

Schools, Colleges and Universities are busy reviewing their IT investments to ensure they adequately support and protect students, teachers and employees following the recent acceleration in digital learning.

From enabling app-based remote-learning and on-site social distancing, to addressing the changing security threat landscape, IT teams are facing unprecedented challenges and evolving user requirements that need innovative solutions.

That’s why Teneo and our partner Nuvias invite you to an Education-focused webcast, where some of the biggest challenges facing Education organisations today will be addressed.

With industry-leading guest speakers from Barracuda, Cambium Networks, Check Point, Kaspersky, and Netscout, we’ll demonstrate innovative, disruptive security and performance technologies that can be deployed to address these challenges.

Using real-life case studies we’ll showcase how IT teams can save time, money and resource whilst meeting these increasingly complex needs.


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Themes and topics the webcast will cover include:

  1. How to safeguard students and staff online
  2. Protecting the organisation from the threat of DDoS, Ransomware and Cyber Extortion
  3. Future-proofing the network and ensuring a better user experience in post-covid environments
  4. Securing applications in a hybrid, distributed cloud network environment

We hope you’ll find this webcast helpful in your role.