WAN Summit New York 8-9 April 2019

Apr 08 2019
8:15am - 6:20pm

WAN Summit New York 2019

The WAN Summit New York is a unique event that draws on the expertise and experience of real WAN Professionals. Teneo is pleased to be sponsoring WAN Summit New York 2019.

No other WAN conference addresses the breadth of diverse challenges faced by WAN managers. This includes how to adopt the latest technologies, manage the procurement process, keep network costs under control, maintain strong network security, and deploy cloud-based software.

All programs are created in cooperation with advisory boards of WAN managers and IT consultants, to ensure no key challenges or trends are missed.

WAN Summit New York also provides a first-class networking opportunity with industry peers and suppliers through innovative event features.

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Attend WAN Summit New York 2019 if:

  • You’re responsible for a complex enterprise network, globally or nationally.
  • You’re under pressure to cut costs and grow your network but don’t have enough time to research the latest networking solutions or best practices.

At WAN Summit New York 2019 you’ll:

  • Learn from peers how to redesign your network to take advantage of SD-WAN technology
  • Hear from independent consultants about the latest WAN market trends
  • Make new connections in the network manager community and debate challenges such as sourcing suppliers, providing cloud connectivity and ensuring security
  • Meet IT solution providers with cutting-edge networking solutions on a commitment-free basis

What can you talk to Teneo about at WAN Summit New York 2019?

  • Speak to us about our SD-WAN services. We can help you to quickly transform your network to an SD-WAN and minimize risk. We manage all facets of design, deployment and management for 5 different SD-WAN technologies. We provide a more specialized SD-WAN service than the average partner, and act in a more agile way due to our size, experience, skillsets and global locations.
  • End user experience monitoring. We can help you to automatically monitor actual end user experience of any local, cloud, or web-based enterprise app running on any physical, virtual, or mobile device, entirely from the end user device’s perspective. This enables you to compare true performance before and after network and app changes, e.g. the introduction of SD-WAN, migrations from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and from Office 2010 to Office 365.
  • Security and visibility. Options for security and visibility in SD-WAN need to be as flexible as the networking, but traditional measures aren’t always easy to adapt, and new methods are too often an afterthought. The best approach brings security and visibility closer to both the end user and the Cloud and should be architected before migration to SD-WAN. We’d be happy to provide you with our advice.

Catch our panel session at the end of Day 1

16:30 Panel Discussion: Seeking Peak Performance—Monitoring, SLAs, and QOE in the Post-MPLS WAN

One of the most common reasons enterprises have indicated they are adopting SD-WAN is to improve network performance and reliability. Regardless of whether a company has adopted SD-WAN or has some other version of a hybrid network and specific NFVs, it is increasingly clear that few WANs will simply rely on MPLS and WAN optimization to maintain network functionality and internal or external customer “quality of experience” (QoE) going forward. This panel will home in on the growing list of alternatives to maintain excellent network performance, from SD-WAN monitoring features, to cloud monitoring, and will explore the future possibilities of things like blockchain, and end-to-end SLAs on internet service.

Questions we’ll cover:

  • Do mission-critical applications still require MPLS in some circumstances, or can new tools provide sufficient QoS over DIA or even broadband? Will a post-MPLS network compromise development and support of performance-intensive real-time applications?
  • What are the key monitoring and performance capabilities of SD-WAN? How do they differ by provider?
  • How can WAN managers best track specific application performance, including the end-to-end internal customer QoE? How do they correlate network performance metrics to actual user experience?
  • How are SLAs changing as enterprises leave the end-to-end MPLS environment? Are application-specific SLAs possible? Are there other ways to ensure QoE?
  • Are end-to-end SLAs on dedicated internet access available from some providers? How does pricing and service compare to MPLS?


  • Shweta Gupta, Director, Procurement and Vendor Management, STATE STREET GLOBAL MARKETS
  • Steve Evans, Global VP of Solutions Engineering, TENEO
  • Angelique Medina, Senior Product Marketing Manager, THOUSANDEYES
  • Moderator: Steve Garson, President, SD-WAN EXPERTS

WAN Summit New York 2019 Venue:

Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan
1605 Broadway
Between 48th St. and 49th St.
New York, NY 10019