UK Cyber Leaders’ Open Discussion Roundtable

Oct 21 2022
12pm - 1:15pm BST

Teneo invites you to attend our upcoming virtual Cyber Leaders’ Roundtable on 21 Oct, from 12.00 pm to 1.15 pm (BST).

As an ‘open discussion’ roundtable, we encourage each participant to bring one ‘pressing’ question related to Cyber Strategy to the table. This will enable all attendees to benefit from the combined wisdom of their peers and hosts.

While the questions will be determined by the group, topics might include BYOD, supply chain security, quantitative risk analysis, alternatives to traditional pen testing and flagging security awareness programs.

This roundtable will operate under the Chatham House Rule to promote a collaborative environment.


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Hosted By:

Jonathan Calver, Director, StrategyMix, & Brett Ayres, VP of Product, Teneo

Jonathan Calver Director StrategyMixBrett Ayres Services Director Teneo







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While StrategyMix has run 57 virtual roundtables, they have only run two ‘open discussion’ roundtables. On a 5- point scale the delegates gave these two roundtables an average score of 4.90 and 5.00, which are the highest scores of all.

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The new StrategyMix Cyber Leaders’ LinkedIn group operates in much the same way as its roundtables in the sense that they deploy a Q&A format and are run under the Chatham House Rule. The main advantage is that they operate 24/7, which means you can ask questions, get answers, and exchange ideas with your peers, whenever it is convenient to you.

If you’re interested in joining the StrategyMix Cyber Leaders’ Group, you can apply to join now.