Webinar (US) – Securing Tomorrow: Navigating the AI-Driven Cybersecurity Landscape

Jan 18 2024
11:00am ET

Cybercriminals have been relentless in leveraging AI to make attacks more scalable and harder to detect. This surge in AI-driven cyber threats has reshaped the cybersecurity landscape – and security leaders are taking note as these modern attacks continue to evade traditional security tools.

Join this webinar with Teneo and Abnormal Security to see a live demo of the Abnormal Security platform and to learn:

  • What types of attacks bypass traditional secure email gateways?
  • Why you need AI-enabled solutions in an increasingly AI-driven threat landscape
  • Which capabilities are most important in an AI-powered platform
  • What can you do to streamline operations to increase productivity

All attendees will receive a $25 DoorDash gift card


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Marc Sollars, VP of Business Development, Teneo

Ryan Schwartz, Product Marketing Manager, Abnormal Security