Securing the Law Firm 2021 – Sep 16th

Sep 16 2021
08:00 – 17:30

The transition back from fully remote working is much more complex than the blanket lockdown. What should CISOs look out for?

In a sense, the sudden lockdowns of March last year made things easy. With no choice except to secure fully remote working, legal CISOs and cybersecurity professionals simply did whatever had to be done to ensure that employees working from home could do their jobs while maintaining the security of critical data and resources. But the return from home is different.

The transition back to some form of ‘normality’ brings with it levels of uncertainty and unpredictability that few firms have experienced before.

Who will be in the office? When? What levels of network access and privileges will they require? What devices will they be using where? Do devices used at home require quarantine in case of malicious infection? Should hybrid workers be re-onboarded every time they come to the office? Do you need new policies for different classes of employees? Will you need to re-think collaboration technologies and their security? The list of questions goes on.

The latest Securing the Law Firm virtual event will look at all these issues and more and will welcome Brett Ayres, Teneo’s Services Director, as a guest speaker. Brett will be exploring the new normal of the Work From Anywhere environment and how law firms can secure their digital assets and working practices.

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