SD-WAN Discovery Seminar

Jun 05 2019
9.30 - 16.00

Silver Peak invites you to attend their Enterprise SD-WAN Discovery Seminar on 5th June at Mercedes Benz World, where we will discuss the future of the Self-Driving WAN going beyond Software-Defined.

As part of the self-driving theme you will also have the opportunity to take part in a 2 hour driving experience in a Mercedes AMG and 4×4 Off Road.

This event will show you how automation and intelligence in the Silver Peak SD-WAN Solution can reduce the complexity of your network management whilst enabling new cloud applications and centrally managed security.
Silver Peak will demonstrate how your network can become agile and change to adapt to the needs of the Business at the speed of Business.


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Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, will demonstrate how to rearchitect security to adapt to your transforming network.

Taking a Business-Driven approach we will show you how our customers have gained advantages in their market space through automation and how the quality of experience has improved for the end user thanks to our unique technology.

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