On Demand Webinar: Top 3 Ways Remote Working Has Unknowingly Increased Your Security Risk

On Demand

Users across the globe have left their office buildings along with the safety and security of the workplace. This has left companies at their most vulnerable because the full scope of their security exposure is unknown.

Attackers are wise to the gaps and vulnerabilities that come from remote working. Not only has the attack surface increased in recent months, but the volume of COVID-19 spam, phishing attacks and malware has also skyrocketed.

In a battle against timescales, many companies have taken shortcuts on security measures. But what they don’t realize is that failure to overhaul their remote working security strategies now, seriously threatens their productivity, reputation and long-term survival.

Join our on demand webinar as our panel explore the implications of some of the short-term decisions that were made, including:
  • panic security purchases leading to down-drafting from enterprise-grade firewalls and tools to consumer-grade technology 
  • rapid shift to the cloud leaving your employees at home to maintain their own security
  • delay of other projects
We also discuss how forward-thinking organizations have found a fast, adaptable and scalable way to address these security risks.


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Andy de Clerck, Chief Technology Officer, Teneo

Andy de Clerck is the CTO of Teneo and has been with the organization since the acquisition of Geode Networks, a services driven company that Andy was a co-founder of 20 years ago. Andy has provided technical capabilities for many start-ups, driving innovation and strategy across EMEA alongside building a business with the same core strengths and ethos as Geode. Andy has over 35 years experience in network application management and architectures driving performance, security and focusing the outcome on business benefits that prevail with effective technology exploitation. Through Andy’s approach and Teneo’s strategy and capability across key areas of visibility, security and performance, Teneo customers can benefit from substantial improvement and utilization of technology whilst maintaining visibility and control of their digital business landscape. This enables customers to focus on being agile and disruptive in their markets.

Mark Sangster, Vice President and Industry Security Strategist, eSentire

As a member of the LegalSec Council with the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), Mark Sangster is a cybersecurity evangelist who has spent significant time researching and speaking to peripheral factors influencing the way that legal firms integrate cybersecurity into their day-to-day operations. In addition to his passion for cybersecurity, Mark’s 20-year sales and marketing career was established with industry giants like Intel Corporation, BlackBerry, and Cisco Systems. Mark’s experience unites a strong technical aptitude and an intuitive understanding of regulatory agencies. During his time at BlackBerry, Mark worked on the first secure devices for government agencies. Since then, he has continued to build mutually beneficial relationships with regulatory agencies in key sectors. Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario and a Business Diploma from Humber College.