Networking Dinner: How to Deliver IT Services to Lawyers & Clients Without Network Impediments

Mar 19 2020

These past few years have seen law firms invest in applications that provide contract, document, case and billing management automation, virtual collaboration, AI and advanced analytics. Deloitte predicts that those will drive substantial growth and value creation in 2020.

But what firms don’t realise is that a traditional network presents a single point of failure for the business, whether applications are existing or new.

Any network that isn’t automatically agile, dynamic, secure and reliable is going to get in the way of business at your law firm this year. That means jeopardising the opportunity your firm has to improve client service, increase productivity and profits, and adhere to compliance.

One law firm migrated to Microsoft Azure and found their critical applications no longer performed to expectations, slowing business down. Another struggled to deliver Citrix VDI and VoIP to distributed employees, which caused user frustration and interrupted service. This is only going to get worse as 80% of the top 10 firms view technological change as their key challenge over the next 2-3 years (PwC).

Forward-thinking law firms have found a way to deliver IT services and applications to lawyers and their clients without network impediments. Join us at Hakkasan Hanway Place on 19th March at 6:30pm for a networking dinner to find out what they’re doing differently.

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