Demo: Zero Trust and Network Segmentation with Akamai

On Demand

Join us to learn how segmentation is changing the way networks are protected

This virtual demo will showcase Akamai Guardicore Segmentation, a software-based segmentation solution that provides a simple, fast, and intuitive way to enforce Zero Trust principles. It enables you to prevent malicious lateral movement in your network through precise segmentation policies, visibility of activity within your IT environment, and network security alerts.

Using a mix of agent-based sensors, network-based data collectors, and virtual private cloud flow logs to map your network, Guardicore is designed to deliver a single visual of all of your assets and infrastructure. It will enable you to remove most of your existing firewalls, especially your internal firewalls.

In this demo, we’ll show you how to:

  • Reduce your attack surface – reduce risk without the need for costly security hardware.
  • Prevent lateral movement – detect lateral movement and real-time threats across the entire cyberattack kill chain with a single platform.
  • Secure critical IT assets – easily enforce Zero Trust principles across hybrid cloud ecosystems to protect critical assets from ransomware and other threats.


Event Facilitators

Presented by

Garrett Weber, Field CTO, Enterprise, Akamai Technologies

Moderated by

Marc Sollars, VP of Business Development, Teneo


Event Supported By:

Akamai microsegmentation leader in Forrester report


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