APEX: Chicago Assembly

Jun 22 2023
8am - 7pm (CST)

Don’t miss the opportunity to join visionary leaders and industry experts in the technology industry for a day of content, discussion, active learning, and networking at the Chicago Assembly! The role of executives continues to evolve in the world of technology and they have the responsibility of bringing the most transformative technologies that enable them to bring value to their enterprise and customers. The Assembly gathers the technology community in one place to collaborate and exchange ideas that move technology forward every day.

Topics include:

  • Fundamental shifts in adopting an enterprise wide forward strategy
  • Disruptive technologies and how to address transformation
  • The future enterprise AI and machine learning
  • The role you play in diversity, inclusion and leadership


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Teneo & Gigamon Presentation:

Stop Flying Blind: The Power of Deep Observability

IT environments are more chaotic, complex, and expensive than ever before. These inefficiencies lead to blind spots, excess costs, and causes organizations to become slow in an ever-changing agile landscape.

Many businesses will attempt to fly and navigate this dangerous landscape blindly. Even worse, most are unaware until it is too late, when their tools and applications are not performing up to expectations because they lack the required data and insight that is needed.

Join us as we discuss how the foundation of Zero Trust, cloud adoption, and all things IT begins with observability, and how you too, can stop flying blind.

What will be discussed:

  • Reach new heights with a single platform that provides you with an agile way to connect your workloads and environments together.
  • Extract intelligence from your network, not just packets
  • Embrace zero trust by eliminating blind spots across all your private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Manage and reduce costs by delivering high fidelity data.


Thomas Rogers, Technical Customer Success Consultant, Teneo


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