Akamai Security Summit World Tour USA

May 18 2022
1pm EDT / 12pm CDT

The top minds in cybersecurity are coming together to share their latest insights and strategies, and you can watch it all from the comfort of home! At this unique live stream event, you’ll learn how to make the transition to a Zero Trust security model — and how to harness that knowledge to secure the next generation of apps and APIs, develop modern apps with end-to-end security, and safeguard internet access for businesses and consumers.

This year’s lineup of esteemed keynote speakers includes Dr. Tom Leighton (CEO & Co-Founder of Akamai), Rachel Tobac (ethical hacker and CEO of SocialProof Security), and other industry leaders and innovators. Register today, tune into their talks, and discover how your business can protect and power life online.

Watch the digital event from home as it streams LIVE from New York City.

If you live in the New York City, Chicago, or Dallas areas, you can also join Akamai in person for sessions and a networking reception.


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Security Summit Sessions:

Resilience from the Cloud to the Edge

Rapidly advancing application architectures and the shift to a remote working culture have forced drastic changes to how businesses engage their customers, manage their work forces, and even how they design their networks. Connected experiences are becoming more individualized, and connected across every facet of our daily lives. When these experiences are disrupted by outages, data theft, or fraud, the impact to customer trust and a business’s reputation are immense. There has never been so much potential for disruptive innovation, just as motivated adversaries attempt to exploit every opportunity to disrupt digital business. Join this session to learn about key trends in cybersecurity, and how businesses can stay resilient in the face of growing threats to their applications, infrastructure, and workforce. (Interpretation available in Spanish and Portuguese)

Zero Trust: Enabling Innovation

Digital innovation is the engine that creates the world’s leading experiences, applications, and businesses. Today, enabling that innovation requires technology that is secure by design, but that is also developed securely. “Zero Trust” is a prevailing approach to security that assumes users and workloads are unauthorized, until they submit proof of their legitimacy. True Zero Trust involves connecting users and services directly to applications without going over the network, and continuously monitoring and adapting controls as workloads and work forces evolve. In the past year, employers find themselves extending access to employees that they have never met in person, and trusting those individuals to help them fight the rising tide of threat actors and increasingly sophisticated adversarial AI technology. Join this session to learn about Akamai’s approaching to ensuring Zero Trust enables innovation. (Interpretation available in Spanish and Portuguese)

Securing the Edge with Theresa Lanowitz

Edge computing is here, and with it come opportunities and risks. Edge makes computing more democratized and brings untold conveniences. It also brings changes in security controls that organizations need to consider. Making sure new edge deployments are secure is critical to broad scale adoption and ultimately business success. This session examines findings from the 2022 AT&T Cybersecurity InsightsTM Report and highlights edge architectures, use cases, and perceived risk.


  • What is the current state of edge computing and risk perception
  • How edge is being used across industries
  • How are budgets for edge deployments being allocated

(Interpretation available in Spanish and Portuguese)

A Social Engineer’s Playbook & How to Stop Hackers Like Me

At the world’s largest hacker conference, DEF CON, a CNN journalist asked Rachel Tobac to take over as many accounts as she could using only human based exploits. By the end of the day, Rachel had wreaked havoc on 10+ accounts, siphoned thousands of dollars worth of points into accounts she controlled, disrupted his travel plans, and was even ready to shut his lights off. Rachel did all of this without ever once contacting the journalist. Learn the human exploit playbook Rachel used to social engineer her way into her target’s accounts in one day without a single line of code, and what you can do to stop attackers like her in their tracks.

(Interpretation available in Spanish and Portuguese)

Regional Customer Spotlight featuring Praveen Nallasamy, VP of Cybersecurity, BlackRock

Securing The Next Generation of Apps and APIs

New application environments – including cloud-native apps, almost unlimited API opportunities, and borderless connection to customers and partners – bring tremendous opportunity for business growth. However, that opportunity also comes with significant related risks: newly built apps bring unknown vulnerabilities, APIs present almost unlimited attack opportunities, and borderless connections bring the need for perimeter-less protections.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Techniques to dynamically adapt protections to evolving attacks
  • How to use automation and Akamai’s Adaptive Security Engine (ASE) to reduce the burden on your teams without lowering protections
  • Ways to bring developers into the security discussion proactively and productively

Dr Tom Leighton, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Akamai
Pavel Gurvich, Founder, Guardicore, and SVP & GM, Security, Akamai, Akamai
Mani Sundaram, EVP and General Manager, Security Technology Group, Akamai
Rachel Tobac, Hacker and CEO of SocialProof Security and Chair of the Board for the nonprofit Women in Security and Privacy
Theresa Lanowitz, Head of Evangelism, AT&T Cybersecurity
Praveen Nallasamy, Vice President, Cybersecurity, BlackRock