Akamai Security Summit World Tour EMEA

May 24 2022
1pm BST - London - in person or virtual

As more of our lives move online, companies must innovate and iterate like never before. Securing these rapidly evolving ecosystems remains a complex yet vital task for growing businesses.

Are you ready to power and protect life online?

Join in person or stream live from London Akamai’s annual Security Summit and hear from world-class cybersecurity experts as they share pivotal insights and strategies.

This unique digital event features an all-star lineup of keynote speakers, including:

  • Dr. Tom Leighton (CEO & Co-Founder of Akamai)
  • Rachel Tobac (ethical hacker and CEO of SocialProof Security)
  • David Holmes (Senior Analyst at Forrester)
  • Plus, other industry leaders and innovators

Tune into their talks, and discover how your business can remain resilient in the face of growing threats to your applications and infrastructure.


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Security Summit Sessions:

Resilience from the Cloud to the Edge

Rapidly advancing application architectures and the shift to a remote working culture have forced drastic changes to how businesses engage their customers, manage their work forces, and even how they design their networks. There has never been so much potential for disruptive innovation, just as motivated adversaries attempt to exploit every opportunity to disrupt digital business. Disruptions caused by outages, data theft, fraud, or by the proliferation of malware and ransomware campaigns impact customer trust and a business’s reputation. Join this session to learn about key trends in cybersecurity and Zero Trust security, and how businesses can stay resilient in the face of growing threats to their applications, infrastructure, and workforce.

Building a Zero Trust Roadmap, David Holmes from Forrester

Guest speaker, David Holmes, Forrester’s analyst for Zero Trust, works with clients assessing maturity and building Zero Trust programs.  In his talk, he will share the concise definition for modern Zero Trust and show how both Forrester and CISA measure its maturity in an organization.  He will address where to start, and will finish with a look at the purest form of Zero Trust on a network, a subject he is quite familiar with having just published the world’s only evaluative research with his Forrester Wave: Microsegmentation, Q1 2022.

A Social Engineer’s Playbook & How to Stop Hackers Like Me

At the world’s largest hacker conference, DEF CON, a CNN journalist asked Rachel Tobac to take over as many accounts as she could using only human based exploits. By the end of the day, Rachel had wreaked havoc on 10+ accounts, siphoned thousands of dollars worth of points into accounts she controlled, disrupted his travel plans, and was even ready to shut his lights off. Rachel did all of this without ever once contacting the journalist. Learn the human exploit playbook Rachel used to social engineer her way into her target’s accounts in one day without a single line of code, and what you can do to stop attackers like her in their tracks.

Breaking the Ransomware Attack Chain

Despite consistent increases in security spending, ransomware remains an ever-growing threat to businesses. Surprisingly, the ransomware itself, the malware that does the encryption, is only a part of a larger, equally dangerous, attack chain. Considering the entire chain offers defenders more opportunities to thwart the attack before mass encryption can occur.

In this session, Akamai will provide details on how microsegmentation can prevent adversarial techniques that precede and follow the deployment of ransomware itself. By turning our attention to the entire kill chain, a path towards minimizing the likelihood, impact, and recovery of ransomware time become clear.

In this session you will learn:

  • Practical steps you can take to disrupt the kill chain before ransomware can be deployed.
  • How to leverage complex environments and expedite the path towards policy enforcement that drastically reduces the impact of ransomware.
  • How advancements in host-based segmentation are helping businesses achieve an infrastructure that enables rapid remediation of ransomware events without disrupting business operations.