On Demand Educational Webinar: Using AI Operations (AIOps) to Optimize Your Palo Alto NGFW in a Snap

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Network Security Teams are coming under increasing pressure to do more with less resources as they seek to defend their organizations against an ever increasing and diverse threat landscape. In some cases, this has caused firewalls to become something of a “set and forget” technology as there simply is not the time to make changes, update rule sets and generally follow the latest best practice, let alone trawl through endless logs and reports to identify possible risks. Forward thinking organizations are now leveraging AI to fill this gap and ensure users, data and applications are protected.

Now you can strengthen your security posture and prevent network security disruptions with the industry’s first AIOps solution for NGFWs. Palo Alto AIOps for NGFW enhances firewall operations experience with comprehensive visibility to elevate your security posture and proactively maintain deployment health.

View our on demand webinar to learn how you can use AIOps for NGFW to:

  • Address top operational challenges such as misconfigurations and best practice compliance
  • Help maximize your security investment
  • Reduce downtime
  • Keep your business operations running smoothly

…all with an easy deployment. No new product to install, just switch on telemetry.

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Brett Ayers, VP of Product, Teneo

Marcin Madrala, Technical Customer Success Consultant, Teneo