Cyber Attacks Are Getting Smarter… Are You Ready?

December 06, 2022

It feels like everything is getting a “smart” upgrade these days. From the cars we drive to how we operate our domestic appliances, almost every gadget has had a smart upgrade or now uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve our lives – or so they claim… 

The cyber war zone is no different. For the last few years, the rise of AI based cyber attacks have continued to accelerate. This is not surprising when, for example, security experts have noted that AI-generated phishing emails have higher rates of being opened tricking more and more victims into clicking on them, thus generating an increased number of attacks when compared to traditional manually crafted phishing emails. In addition, AI can also be used to design malware that is constantly changing, to avoid detection by automated defensive tools.  

Constantly changing malware signatures can help attackers evade static defences such as firewalls, secure e mail gateways and perimeter detection systems. Similarly, AI-powered malware can sit inside a system, collecting data and observing user behaviour up until it’s ready to launch another phase of an attack or send out information it has collected with a relatively low risk of detection. This is partly why companies are moving towards a “Zero Trust” model. 

However, Zero Trust may not be enough on its own and sometimes you need to “fight fire with fire,” and this is where Teneo is helping customers upgrade traditional defences to modern AI and Deep Learning (DL) security tools. These tools are not only designed to identify weaponized AI attacks, but also stop malware and ransomware before it has a chance to deploy.  

As with human medicine, prevention is always better than a cure. 

Teneo has combined the advanced cyber defensive capabilities of the worlds only deep learning cyber security platform from Deep Instinct with the highly sophisticated behavioral analytical power of Abnormal’s e-mail security to augment our customers existing defences and use AI to secure and defend against today’s range of advanced threats. 

Leveraging the power of Deep Learning, Deep Instinct identifies >99% of never seen before and zero-day attacks and blocks them in less than 20 milliseconds, long before any malware or ransomware has been deployed or hidden in your network. 

Coupled with Abnormal’s ability to profile known good email behavior and analyze over 45,000 signals to detect anomalies on every email, we offer unrivaled levels of efficiency in precisely blocking socially engineered and unwanted emails, including those created by AI. We can equip organizations with true next-generation defence to protect them from the rise of Smart cyber-attacks. 

For more information about Teneo’s Deep Learning & Behavioral AI-based Security solution, visit the solution webpage or  book a 30-minute introductory session to explore how Teneo can help with your approach to smart cyber attacks. 

Author: Brett Ayers, VP Product, Teneo

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