Plan International

Plan International chose Teneo’s WAN Optimization service and projected cost savings of $6 Million in global IT spend


A WAN Optimization service keeps Plan International IT systems performing, ensuring that the IT teams have capacity to support programs across the globe.


Not for profit

Company details:

Oldest and largest children’s development organization in the world, implementing programs in more that 50 countries

Previous challenges:

  • A need to move centralized IT systems across global operations
  • Performance problems when accessing or processing data in new centralized systems
  • Small internal IT team who did not have the bandwidth to manage a new technology


  • Teneo WAN Optimization service

Outcomes since working with Teneo:

  • Networks now have an optimization rate of 4.7 times against an industry standard rate of 2.5 times
  • WAN traffic reduced by 78.6%
  • A projected cost saving of $6 Million in global IT spend
  • A dramatic reduction in the amount of time to access data
  • 24/7 network monitoring even in the most remote environments

“Teneo has taken away what would have been a huge burden for us by managing WAN Optimization for our offices across the world.”

James Stone, Head of Global IT Services