University of Wolverhampton

University of Wolverhampton prevents threats and safely enables applications with upgraded security



Previous challenges:

  • Existing security policies left 20-30 students a month incorrectly locked out of the network
  • Struggling to keep up with anti-virus updates, and around 70 threat cases proved to be completely unresolvable
  • 30 hours a month spent ensuring student work meets with JANET copyright standards


  • Deployed new Data Center firewalls to streamline security management, utilizing User-ID technology to view network bandwidth and applications consumed by each specific user

Outcomes since working with Teneo:

  • Prevented threats and safely enabled applications
  • IT has removed the need for a minimum user security standard on its network – saving hundreds of man-hours in resolving access issues
  • The University has reported zero infections since deploying their security upgrade
  • Firewalls recognize patterns of activity consistent with illegal file sharing and suspends transfers before they happen – not only does this save time, but it also removes the threat of legal action and meets JANET’s tough copyright standards


Our upgraded security is in a different class to the competition, bringing both insight and the power to act on it. It’s functionality we could only dream of before.

Max Caines, Network Design Consultant