The 3 Problems That Point Security Products Give Your CISO

September 15, 2017

With increasing cloud adoption, volumes of advanced threats  and SSL traffic, security teams and CISOs are overwhelmed with the task of improving cloud usage visibility, analysing data, detecting and responding to threats and inspecting SSL traffic. The widespread use of point products makes this a manual, expensive and people heavy process.

The 3 Problems that point SECURITY products give your CISO

We know that these days, cybercrime is a business. It’s automated, profitable and fast moving. The bad guys only need to get into your system once, and their job is done. Whereas your CISO needs to ensure he prevents every attack. By using point products, even though they may be good at the individual problem they address it gives your CISO three main problems

1. He or she has a lack of visibility across the network

2. The point products don’t work together, leading to masses of separate reporting that doesn’t link up and has to be reviewed manually.

3. Manual processes are time consuming, people heavy and increase the risks of a breach

By focusing on prevention, the Palo Alto Networks natively integrated Next-Generation Security Platform enables customers to embrace the cloud and prevent successful cyber-attacks with high performance across network, endpoint and cloud environments. It prevents threats through automated workflows and security with fast and precise protection that is generated and shared globally.

What you get with a Next-Generation Security Platform

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, is natively integrated. That means all the separate elements are built to work together across the network, cloud and end point. There are over 70 new security features built into the latest release, building on what was already a Gartner Magic Quadrant leading security platform. With the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, you’ll get:

  • Better visibility across your network
  • A reduced attack surface
  • Prevention of known threats
  • Prevention of unknown threats

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