Networks have never been more critical, or more complex. ThousandEyes monitors internal and external network performance to improve application delivery and reduce service interruptions, extending performance analytics into the public Internet. It’s described as monitoring for the modern network tackling any application across any network.

The company was founded in 2010 by two colleagues deep experience in networking, Internet routing and SaaS from the UCLA Computer Science department. Their technology is billed as “So Simple, Your CIO Can Use It”.

Here’s the list of benefits:

  • Gain breadth of visibility across any network segment, along with depth of insight that drives accurate diagnosis.
  • Get leading-edge monitoring and powerful network visualizations with network intelligence.
  • Rapidly diagnose, triage and find problems with real-time performance data.
  • Highlight important insights and issues with historical comparisons and quick selections.
  • Derive intelligence from a wide variety of vantage points.
  • Unify previously siloed network and application performance data into the objective truth.
  • Communicate trends using completely customizable reports.
  • Capture outages with fine-tuned alerts.
  • Collaborate with your providers by sharing fully interactive data sets.
  • With a cloud-based deployment model and data collection that doesn’t require proprietary hardware,
  • ThousandEyes can be easily deployed and used throughout your organization, from the help desk to your C-Suite.




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