New Bandwidth Hogs on Campus

By Bernadette Rowan

Marketing Manager

There are new campus bandwidth hogs in town according to the 2017 State of ResNet Report and there’s no surprise that the majority of students now try to connect at least 2 devices to their school’s network. With 75% of campuses letting residents connect an unlimited number of devices to the ResNet, this figure is set to soar in the future.

Our Partners Exinda have published a neat infographic summarizing the stats. The 2017 report had many unsurprising findings such as the fact that students enjoy streaming video content. As this has dominated headlines for some time now it’s hardly a revelation, however our interest was piqued a little more at the rise of the new gang of bandwidth hoggers. Drones and wearables seem to be the new kids on the block – here’s why.

TOP Reasons to use a drone on campus:

1 – Why “selfie” when you can “Dronie”
It’s goodbye to selfie sticks – why would you bother extending your arm for the shot when you can get a “dronie”. As with all things popular culture, it started with the celebs in at the 2014 Cannes film festival and now coming to a campus near you.

2 – You can have your books delivered
Is it Amazon’s turn to be disrupted? Australian retailer Zookal has been testing a service to have textbooks flown by drone to student’s dorms.

3 – Filming football games
Looking at something from a different angle is always eye opening and it turns out an Ariel view is the latest “hot” perspective to have. That’s why some collegiate football programs have begun utilizing drones to collect film. UCLA, Oregon State, University of Tennessee and Clemson College have all integrated unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into their daily practice routines to provide a valuable, aerial perspective.

4 -Virtual Tours
Some campuses are huge so having the ability to look at a virtual tour to find where you need to go (filmed of course using a drone) should be super helpful for navigating. This means that students no longer have any excuse for missing their first lectures!

5 – Delivering beer!

Don’t get us wrong – we don’t want to reinforce outdated and unhelpful stereotypes . This service is great so we don’t think it’s just college students considering it!

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