A hard shell is not the only smart form of defense

By Marc Sollars

Chief Technology Officer

picture of ArmadilloIf your Network /Security Infrastructure was an animal, what would it be? A Lion – The king of Networks powerful and strong? A Dolphin – Sleek, agile, intelligent and fast?

The one animal that has been reflecting discussions I’ve been having with customers is an Armadillo, at first sight, not the sexiest of Animals but this comparison can be easily explained…

  • A hard shell – so the perimeter is protected in most part
  • Some gaps – even when in its tightest formation
  • Soft attack-able interior

The Verizon Breach report has highlighted that someone can be in your network 207 Days before being detected, and 95% of breaches are down to stolen credentials. In the modern IT world, the Armadillio style of network is disappearing, maybe an endangered species. In-fact, you are now no longer looking after just one Armadillo – you are looking after a Fez of Armadillos, and as Matt Smith’s Doctor Who said “Fezs are cool,”

The last 6 months I have tasked myself with making sure that Teneo has an offering in all areas of Security, working with the Next Generation of Vendors, those that are either leaders or visionaries in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, using technologies that are able to work together to provide a solution, not just a point product.

As Momentum Partners showed in their recent presentation “The Security Sector is dynamic and vast”, security teams really need to take a step back look at the longer term strategy and understand exactly where there is a chink not only in the armour but also the interior and address it.

Security Vendors

The recent Cisco ASA vulnerability, phising emails, stolen credentials, ex filtration of data and cryptolocker attacks, to name just a few, show that it’s no longer just a traditional firewall that protects your network, there is a wider Next Generation Security Portfolio that’s required to protect, detect and resolve something …. that the legacy players just cannot deliver on these days.

And the Fez of Armadillos?  Well, scientists say they don’t simply curl up into a ball and wait for the predator to bite – that hard shell buys them enough time to run for cover or find a place to hide.  So if herding Fezs isn’t easy (despite being cool!), the Armadillo does have a sort of plan B – even if it’s far from perfect.

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