About Us

As organizations transition to digital, the pressure is on for IT teams to rapidly deliver seamless new business services and make sound investments. Not only must they exceed customer expectations, but they must do so while satisfying tightening budgets, keeping staff motivated and improving operational efficiencies.

Passionate about what we do, Teneo is the spark that ignites a new approach to the networking and security architectures that support all things digital.

Acting as catalysts for change and accelerators of growth, our job is to help customers to think differently, opening minds to new possibilities.

We provide specialist people, skills, processes and technologies that combined, deliver the strongest mix of visibility, performance and security services required to achieve much-needed IT transformation within global organizations.

Utilizing our 20 years of experience, we constantly scour the market for emerging trends, such as SD-WAN, that are sure to bring competitive advantage. We focus on being experts in those fields and their neighbouring ecosystems, right across our entire business so we can help identify opportunities for technology, cost and management time consolidation at technical and commercial levels. We teach our customers everything we learn, thereby acting as a research springboard and adviser on avoiding common pitfalls.

Our shared-risk services approach provides an agile transition method by allowing as much or as little control as customers require through each stage of a project, from consultancy, design, architecture, global logistics and deployment to 24×7 management. Our proven planning, co-management and knowledge transfer options enable faster technology adoption while lowering risk by allowing for a gradual transference of responsibilities back to our customer’s internal team once the deployment is fully in production. This in turn helps internal IT staff to learn sought-after skills associated with new technologies without the threat of project failure.

Operating in 4 countries, the USA, UK, France and Australia, our reach is significantly extended, both technically and geographically, by a range of partnerships with progressive companies; our flexible delivery capabilities span 200+ countries and territories.

We’re focused, down to earth and energetic people who take fast action. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, going above and beyond to ensure we deliver every time. Working together, we build long-term relationships, sharing our industry knowledge and future ideas to help our customers succeed, both professionally and personally.

Our extremely high level of customer support is endorsed by our partners, who award us their highest levels of accreditation, and is reflected by our Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) of 99.4%. Relied upon by 1500+ organizations worldwide, we remove the effort from and risk to our customers, giving them peace of mind and enabling them to plan for success.


Teneo Services Introduction

our mission


Our mission is a framework for action that sets our future in motion. Our focus on customer betterment, employee well-being and our corporate social responsibilities guide us day to day.


Our Core Values

Our core values guide our day to day behaviors and support our mission or core purpose:

  • Integrity = “I have strong moral principles”
  • Commitment to Excellence = “I possess the quality of being outstanding”
  • Respect = “The achievement of others elicits my admiration”
  • Growth = “I support the process of development”
  • Corporate Social Responsibility = “I believe in giving back”
  • Employee Well-being = “I believe in workplace health and happiness”
  • Accountability = “I take responsibility for my actions”

Our people

Teneo people are surprising, driven and likeable.


We want to surprise and delight our customers. Our approach is to keep things fresh and interesting. Our bold attitude means we’re not afraid to explore the unexpected. We’re experimental and love to discover new ways of thinking, and new ways of achieving success. In fact, our aim is to inspire others to think outside the box, too.


We’re ambitious and passionate. And our positive attitude and energetic approach means we’re lively and upbeat. We’re also entrepreneurial and remain focused and committed across everything that we do.

We have big plans, and we know how to achieve them.


We care what our customers think, so we take time to listen to them. We also want to make it easy for them to listen to us. So, we’re straightforward and speak in plain English – there’s no complicated or confusing jargon. We’re also helpful and supportive – just like a good friend – because we value long-term relationships. And, we balance all this with being fun!

Our ISO CertificationS

We carry the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications from our UK office, which means our group systems and processes are quality assured and the information we hold is secure, for both our own information and for yours. We treat the data we hold with complete seriousness and you can be reassured that your business is in safe hands.

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