Talari Networks

Our partnership with Talari Networks began in 2011 after we spotted how complementary their technology could be to WAN optimisation. Talari enables a Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) architecture, simplifying the WAN infrastructure, cloud access, and branch office connectivity. Now a trusted SD-WAN technology and market leader, Talari has incorporated over ten years of innovation into five generations of product and is successfully deployed across 500 customers and 9000 sites in over 40 countries.

Regardless of what WAN links you have, Talari creates a virtual network that adapts in real time to bandwidth demand and actual network conditions. This ensures that at all times and regardless of network issues, critical applications have priority and all applications take the best quality path through the network. The result? Ensured uptime so business can get done. This is the future. And it’s simple, automated and cost efficient.

What makes Talari different?

1. Failsafe Links

2. Bandwidth Utilisation

3. Packet Duplication

4. Link Aggregation






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Talari Software-Defined WAN

Talari Appliances

Talari Appliances create a WAN that thinks for itself, adapting automatically to changing network conditions, demands and priorities.

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Talari Aware

For the most complete management functionality, Talari Aware is a stand-alone management system that collects information from and pushes configuration to Talari Appliances throughout the WAN.

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