With the increased sophistication of SD-WAN hardware, specifically the advanced routers located at each site, the need for “always-on” access to that hardware is more critical than ever.

In many locations, the level of technical ability is limited, so when an issue occurs, the network team must be able to manage the equipment remotely.

Opengear helps you ensure always-on availability to your SD-WAN deployments with an Out-of-Band network that provides secondary access in the event of an outage.

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Despite a move to SD-WAN, an SD-WAN router can still be a single-point-of-failure and a single event can still cause simultaneous failures in multiple circuits (for example, severed cables into the facility), if a truly separate path isn’t an option.

Opengear’s Smart Out-of-Band Management solution offers Failover to Cellular with 4G LTE, to ensure your SD-WAN continues to operate when all other circuits are unavailable.

By placing an Opengear console server at every SD-WAN location, and each node being part of a Lighthouse 5 Centralised Management system, NetOps staff at the Data Centre or NOC can remotely manage, automate and orchestrate the network devices using Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), without the need for experienced technical staff at each site.

Opengear’s out-of-band management network provides the guaranteed access and high reliability to make SD-WAN a low-risk option.


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