Managed Network Performance

Being able to quickly figure out where a problem is occurring on a complex network and which apps or services are impacted is a common goal. And to do it proactively, before a user reports it, sounds like a luxury. So it must be near impossible, right? Not at all.

At Teneo, we use Riverbed’s SteelCentral technology on our own network, and it’s the platform we use to provide Managed Network Performance to you.

We’ll help you to understand your network health and any issues by monitoring and managing the following:


  • Confirmation that expected flows are being received
  • Checking that flow rates are not being exceeded on all devices
  • Ensuring DNS and NTP are operating correctly on all systems
  • Ensuring NetProfiler synchronisation with NetShark & SteelHeads
  • Ensuring NetProfiler Switch Port Discovery connection states are OK
  • Ensuring NetProfiler Identity Sources are connected
  • Checking for members in ‘Unassigned’ of default host group (ByLocation normally)
  • Ensuring NetShark Capture jobs are running
  • Reviewing NetShark storage
  • Reviewing comparison of overall traffic rate for last week with that of last month traffic rate and flagging if greater than 15%
  • Alerts in the event that there is no response to Polling, a Data Source problem, Sensor problem, Storage problem, Module problem or Hardware problem


  • Defining and managing key application services to ensure that dependencies are correctly defined and managed and that alerting is configured for appropriate business units or owners.
  • Reviewing alerts relating to performance policies and providing a straightforward interpretation of the alert meaning. Alerts may include: Application Availability, Application Performance, Link Congestion, Link Outage
  • Reviewing alerts relating to security policies and providing a straightforward interpretation of the alert meaning. Alerts may include: DoS/Bandwidth Surge, Host Scan, New Host, New Service, Port Scan, Suspicious Connections, Worm Event, New Server Port

Service Benefits:

  • Minimise the risk of investing in Network Performance Monitoring tools
  • Make sure that this tool is actually used, so you see return from that spend
  • Extend your own capacity to monitor the network on a 24×7 basis
  • Receive Alerts based on abnormal traffic behaviour before your staff call you
  • Have confidence that information will be available to you when you need it with the system being monitored on a 24×7 basis
  • Stop internal finger pointing and blame by reaching mean time to innocence quickly
  • Retain and enhance user productivity
  • Gather baselines and gain visibility into network capacity and traffic analysis enabling you to plan for future growth
  • Prioritise your staff on mission critical tasks rather than on management of yet another networking tool


Managed Network Performance Datasheet


Managed Network Performance Specsheet

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