Old Monitoring Methods & Tools Are Slowing You Down – Webinar

5pm GMT / 12pm EST - BrightTALK Webinar With Gigamon

Thanks to digital transformation, traditional applications are being rapidly replaced with microservices-based architectures running on-premises, in the cloud and on partner clouds, and delivered through web and mobile interfaces.

Nevertheless, IT teams are still using old methods and analytics tools to monitor new application performance.

What most companies don’t realize is that this is in fact slowing them down, costing them money, negatively affecting UX and compromising security. That’s because their existing tools fail to see vital information about each application, which in turn leads to slower detection of customer experience, application performance and security related issues.

True visibility of user experience goes further than just your regular analytics tools, and those successfully achieving it are taking a different approach:

  • They identify applications and their component microservices across multiple tiers.
  • They extract application traffic from the network and forward only the relevant information to the appropriate tools.
  • They feed application metadata to analytics tools to provide the context behind an incident, whether performance or security-related.

Deep application insight tells them why an application is running slow, how it’s performing and what the customer is experiencing. Join Gigamon’s Andy Hutchison on February 18th at 12pm for his webinar, ‘Application Awareness for Network Visibility’, to learn more.


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