Why you need a digital transformation strategy for your storage

By Arthur Leach

Storage Technical Sales Consultant

Futuristic GlobeI wanted to share with you a new IDC report that demonstrates the recognition our Partner HDS are receiving in the marketplace.  I’m a big fan of HDS as their focus is on disruptive change through technological adaptation. This fits nicely with what Teneo consider to be next-generation. This IDC report that we’ve managed to get our hands on showcases the important role HDS plays in helping customers on their Digital Transformation journeys (which IDC refers to as 3rd Platform) and modernising their IT environments.

In the report IDC talk about how businesses are undergoing a “fundamental transformation” as they adopt strategies around social, mobile, cloud and big data strategies with the at the centre.  I’m seeing it time and time again with customers who know that smart, targeted deployment of digital technology at all levels of the business is key to their survival, innovation and growth.   All of this new flexibility and collaboration means that the IT organisations job just got more complex (again!).  Businesses are looking to adopt technologies that will augment existing infrastructure and workloads while supporting the requirements of Digital Transformation.

With this transformation comes an explosion of unstructured data that is of growing importance to the business. So where do HDS fit in? With object based storage (OBS) they bring structure to the data, avoiding the limitations of traditional file systems by intelligently storing content in far larger quantities. Object based storage is a way of bringing structure to unstructured file data.

  • As businesses grapple with the storage demands of the 3rd Platform, object-based storage (OBS) solutions are proving to be the right choice to maintain the balance of scale, costs, and complexity.
  • Today, OBS solutions are extending well beyond the traditional archival use case to efficiently enable the requirements of the 3rd Platform. OBS solutions cater to many use cases, such as content delivery, sync and share, analytics, archival, and backup.


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