Monitoring Office 365

By Leigh Collett

IT Optimization & Security Specialist

There are many compelling reasons for moving to Microsoft Office 365, not least the cost of owning and running your own MS Office infrastructure.

But the nub for most IT managers is a loss of control, let’s forget about the ‘not built here syndrome’, but the fact that when there are complaints it’s slow, they don’t have the same control.

What is useful to know though, is that in most modern infrastructures there is the ability to get visibility of Office 365. Products like Palo Alto Networks firewalls, Riverbed SteelHead, Citrix (ApplFlow) and Cisco (NBAR v2) go beyond the base level traffic of IP source and destination addresses and ports, to identifying the actual application traffic, from business applications like and Office 365, to social traffic like Facebook.

On top of this, enterprise network tools like Riverbed’s SteelCentral can give you insight into application usage and performance.

So when you start migrating your test Exchange users to Office 365, you can see the true impact on your network, putting the control back in your hands to ensure that the migration process has minimal impact on other important Internet traffic. And once you are live, you are able to monitor key metrics of the traffic, and alert when the performance is abnormal, or exceeds your designated thresholds.

Ohh, and if performance is perceived as too slow, Riverbed’s SteelHead SaaS can help with that too!

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