By Leigh Collett

IT Optimization & Security Specialist

I like to be surprised by things. Working with major vendors often lacks that, in particular when their focus is on integrating different product sets to bring a more rounded portfolio.

So it was great to find some useful new features in Riverbed’s latest SteelCentral NetProfiler v10.8.5.

Firstly they have added ‘comparisons’ to a number of reports and to Dashboard widgets, so that you can compare the same time-frame a day, week, or four weeks before. This is useful not just from a capacity planning perspective, but also from understanding if something abnormal is happening.

They’ve also added some new Dashboard templates to make visualising of data that much simpler to start with:

  • Application Overview  – providing high-level network performance information about applications you specify using simple traffic expressions
  • Interface Critical Metrics – provides interface information most commonly used for monitoring and first-level troubleshooting
  • Single Sign On Overview – provides performance information about the five most active SSO servers

So, I hear you say, what’s so surprising about this? Well firstly, it’s always nice to see features that enhance the user experience or make it easier to use, but more importantly to me this says that the integration of the SteelCentral portfolio has finished and now Riverbed are not just making changes under the hood, but also outwardly as well.

To find out more about the changes on NetProfiler v10.8.5, feel free to contact me.

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