Meaning “lightning” in Gaelic, Tintri was created to extend the benefits of virtualization from the server side to storage. We were drawn to the concept of Tintri “helping” IT teams (they also describe one of their technologies as a time machine!) and, with its CEO being Kieran Harty, who oversaw the development of all server virtualization technology for VMware as its VP of R&D from 1999 to 2006, we were eager to know more about why he’d switched his career focus to solving the problem that server virtualization has created for storage.

Tintri was built from the ground up to leverage Flash exclusively for virtualization, delivering Flash performance at disk prices with intuitive management just for VMs. The fact is, if you can manage VMware then you can manage Tintri – it’s just as simple to use. By using the virtual machine or virtual disk as the fundamental object of the storage system, you can bring the same kinds of efficiency, flexibility and automation as VMware brought to computing.

Tintri challenges convention. We like that sort of thing. And this fits perfectly with our ethos that it’s far more important for IT teams to focus on performance, Quality of Service (QoS), speed to deployment, and scalability of applications – instead of spending all day managing the storage infrastructure.