With over 15 years of experience, Procera are the leaders in Deep Packet Inspection. Service providers such as mobile, cable and Wi-Fi operators, fixed ISPs and Higher Education establishments all over the globe choose Procera’s PacketLogic systems to maximize investment in their network infrastructure and provide a satisfying Internet experience for their customers regardless of the applications they’re using or the time of day they’re using them.

Since Internet bandwidth isn’t an infinite resource, Procera’s volume based shaping allows service providers to present users with a choice of how and when they use the bandwidth provided to them, with high-bandwidth users paying more for increased bandwidth for example.

Common to all universities for example is the need to accurately manage and control network traffic to maximize the substantial investment they’ve made in network infrastructure. University networks around the world act as service providers to the academic and residential facilities across their campuses and see significant traffic volume day and night.

Deploying Procera PacketLogic helps to prioritize critical applications, limit bandwidth for recreational use during peak hours, and to gain granular insight into network activity.

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