PeerApp’s award-winning open content delivery acceleration and analytics solutions accelerate the delivery of Internet video and other over-the-top (OTT) content.

Now video can be delivered 12x faster by bringing it closer to end-users, which significantly improves quality of experience and reduces network costs up to 50% or more.  PeerApp can also play a service delivery role, helping operators generate new revenue opportunities.

Driven by services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and HBO GO, Internet video consumption is exploding, severely straining operator broadband networks.  College, university and K-12 networks face the same quality and cost issues, as students, faculty and staff use the Internet to consume video and media content of longer length and at very large volumes – for both academic and entertainment purposes.

In addition, dynamic events such as live sports and software downloads are causing traffic spikes that impact subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE). Operators and campus networks looking to increase capacity efficiently without having to add additional costs from hardware, power, and real estate can benefit from PeerApp’s local content delivery, built on their open Internet content caching and analytics solutions, to optimize networks for both cost and quality.

PeerApp solutions manage an aggregate capacity of 5 Terabits per second capacity, in line with the scale of global content delivery networks.

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