Impulse SafeConnect

SafeConnect provides safe network access control (NAC) for devices and users that’s both simple and easy to use. Their belief is that a positive user experience is essential and it has to be easy and intuitive.

SafeConnect is specifically designed with this type of user, and management, experience in mind. From real-time monitoring, to flexible licensing and 24/7 maintenance, to new device finger-printing and custom policy creation, SafeConnect will prove time and again that it is the easiest BYOD solution available.

SafeConnect are continually updating their NAC software to accept the latest, greatest, and newest devices (like iPads, Droids, iPhones, Ubuntu, etc) – because employees and students don’t want to wait for the latest technology.

SafeConnect easily integrates into your existing network architecture with no changes required and helps employees and students to access your wireless network faster and more reliably, while directing unmanaged users or guests to custom-branded portals for authentication.

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