In the past, you’d have made sense of packets on the network by recording them and performing offline analysis of those stored packets. In the complex and hyper-dynamic environments we’re seeing today though, that approach doesn’t scale. And it results in data that only network experts can understand. So we went looking for a technology that could continuously transform this flood of packet data into structured wire data so that all IT teams could benefit.

We found ExtraHop, who believe that wire data is the ultimate source of truth. Since everything transacts on the wire, from raw packets to the payloads of all application transactions, by analyzing wire data for the web, VDI, database, middleware, storage and all other tiers, you can see how performance at those various tiers impacts service delivery.

ExtraHop’s innovative approach transforms unstructured packets into structured wire data, and presents that information – very importantly, in real-time – for all IT teams to explore and visualize. Their Next-Generation Technology reassembles packets into complete sessions and flows between devices, and then extracts key data from those L2-L7 application communications as they occur, serving as the most unbiased source of truth about the performance, effectiveness, and security of enterprise IT environments and providing an “outside-looking-in” view across the entire application delivery chain.

Watch this video for a helpful explanation of what wire data actually is:


ExtraHop Benefits:

  • Flexible and extensible platform providing you with a role-specific lens for your wire data so you get the information you need – anyone in your organization can benefit from the ability to extract, analyze, and visualize wire data.
  • Gain full visibility into all tiers of your IT environment, and the insights that lie untapped in your wire data, whether that’s application behavior, time-based comparisons, business data, anomalous network activity, database performance, or other information available on the wire.
  • Use those insights to help drive down costs, reduce risk, increase efficiencies across your IT teams and improve end-user experience.