Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald selected a Riverbed WAN optimisation managed service from Teneo.


INDUSTRY: Management, engineering and development consultancy


  • Data traffic putting pressure on network
  • Network bottlenecks resulting in poor application performance
  • Improve applications to boost collaboration and productivity
  • Widely dispersed IT resources challenging to manage


  • Global rollout of Riverbed’s WAN Optimisation technology


  • File transfer speeds up to 10x faster
  • Search speeds 3x faster
  • Up to 8x bandwidth reduction
  • Optimization enabling 40TB bandwidth reduction per month
  • LAN-like speeds at remote office locations
  • Consolidation of IT resources
  • Global collaboration enhanced
  • Successful roll-out of cloud services

“When you work with Teneo, you’re in a safe pair of hands. They know their products and they know how to deliver. I would definitely recommend them.”


Bradley Tullett, Global Infrastructure Manager