Remote Worker Productivity Package

Global Economic Crisis Looms

The world is facing its second major recession in close to a decade as the economic fallout from the COVID-19 global pandemic begins to fully materialize.

In response, organizations have enabled remote working to protect the health and wellbeing of the workforce, their customers, and other stakeholders.

In the very short term, this may help to keep the lights on. However, many are viewing this as a crisis measure that will be reversed as soon as the containment protocols are relaxed.


Office Workers Are Said To Be Less Productive

What they may not understand is that, as we enter recession, organizations that survive are going to remain with a much higher remote working population.

The reason for this is that office workers are 13% less efficient than remote workers according to a recent study from Stanford University, while also carrying a heavier real estate burden, greater sickness absence levels and increased staff turnover.

As organizations scramble to maintain business as usual, this must not be overlooked.


Remote Working Presents IT Problems

Unfortunately though, with increased remote working there are problems. There’s a higher expectation on IT to perform, and for services to be just as available and reliable at home as they are at the office.

Remote workers typically have a greater need to do the following things:

  • Use file-sharing, video conferencing, VDI & SaaS applications
  • Switch between multiple devices that may not be company sanctioned
  • Securely access the network and applications
  • Overcome home broadband limitations across ISPs, DNS & Wi-Fi


The Productivity Gap

With such unanticipated stress being placed on remote technologies, many organizations don’t realize quite how much of an adverse effect this can have on productivity levels. Or how quickly interrupted services, incompatible devices, unsecure environments and unreliable connectivity can impact productivity, reducing remote worker performance gains of 13% down to zero, even minus figures.

Not only does this create a surge of demand on IT teams to make things work, it also puts organizations’ ability to deliver a good service to customers at significant risk.

Worst of all, remote workers are less likely to contact the IT service desk to report minor issues. Instead they suffer in silence with hidden problems and either seek resolution themselves or take a break. The daily downtime that IT teams can’t see is effectively ‘the productivity gap’.


How Successful Organizations Are Approaching This Issue

Successful organizations have found a way to harness a 13% improvement in remote worker productivity and survive and prosper through the hard times ahead.

Find out how by reading about Teneo’s Remote Worker Productivity Package here:

Remote Worker Productivity Package Solution Brief


Watch The Webinar

In this webinar, “Pros & Cons Of The New Remote Working Normal”, Teneo’s Matt Lukash and Marc Sollars discuss topics that include the stress remote working can place on IT departments, and how organizations can best utilize their existing technology and control costs while optimizing remote worker productivity.


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