Webinar: How to make your users smile with Digital Experience Monitoring

10:00am CDT

Digital Experience Monitoring as a Service Webinar

When you’ve spent so much time planning and executing network, app or service upgrades from O365 to SD-WAN, it can be majorly disappointing to see those projects end in slow performance and fail at meeting user experience expectations.

To help you avoid that fate and keep your users smiling, we’d like to introduce you to Teneo’s Digital Experience Monitoring as a Service during a 30-minute webinar presented by Marc Sollars, our Global CTO.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to get eyes into each user’s experience based on how they interact with their apps, devices and your network, regardless of whether the apps they’re working in are local, cloud or web-based, or if their devices are physical, virtual or mobile.

Through better visibility, timely troubleshooting and some extra help from Teneo, we’ll show you how real productivity gains can be achieved across your organization and how you can make projects like O365 and SD-WAN a success.


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