Here’s our round up of the news, events and stories that rocked our world this week:


Cyberattaque Rancongiciel: comment se proteger?  https://www.teneo.net/fr/blog/cyberattaque-rancongiciel-comment-se-proteger/

Ransomware protection: Teneo 12-Step Palo Alto Networks updates https://www.teneo.net/uk/blog/ransomware-protection-palo-alto-networks-updates/

Are your Media assets available for Blackmail? https://www.teneo.net/uk/blog/media-assets-available-blackmail/

3 real-Life examples of Phishing in the last month  https://www.teneo.net/uk/blog/examples-phishing-last-month/

Netflix ransom after production studio breached, top network shows compromised https://www.teneo.net/uk/blog/netflix-ransom-production-studio-breached/



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Twitter: @TeneoGrp

Ransomware Protection: Teneo 12-Step plan @PaloAltoNtwks Updates https://www.net/uk/blog/ransomware-protection-palo-alto-networks-updates/ … via @TeneoGrp

How’s your relationship with your @riverbed #Steelhead‘s? Check out our top 7 tips http://cgt.bz/1v0vj  …? to approach your refresh

How @proofpoint and @PaloAltoNtwks deliver extended protection against advanced threats …https://44s3b94691sl3smgmb1y936e-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Palo-Alto-Networks-Proofpoint-Solution-Brief.pdf …@TeneoGrp

Are your Media assets available for Blackmail? https://www.teneo.net/uk/blog/media-assets-available-blackmail/… via @TeneoGrp

The #Ransomware affecting #NHScyberAttack & wider has been tested through @cylanceinc which would have STOPPED IT. https://www.teneo.net/uk/technology/cylanceprotect/

Fantastic report on @malwaretechbloh showing how they stopped the malware spread yesterday #malware #nhscyberattack https://amp-theguardian-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/amp.theguardian.com/technology/2017/may/13/accidental-hero-finds-kill-switch-to-stop-spread-of-ransomware-cyber-attack

Hackers demand ransom from Disney over ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/films/2017/05/16/hackers-demand-ransom-disney-pirates-caribbean-5/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_tw … via @TelegraphFilm

How @ExtraHop Analytics and @gigamon Visibility Offer Network Control http://cgt.bz/1vuee  via @TeneoGrp

Now available @Riverbed Cloud Solutions for @awscloud and @Azure http://cgt.bz/1urob  via @TeneoGrp

Preventing Credential Based Attacks with PAN-OS 8.0 @PaloAltoNtwksUK @duosec http://cgt.bz/1vm8d  via @TeneoGrp

Introducing @PaloAltoNtwks OS 8.0. http://cgt.bz/1v0oy  … First in our series looking under the hood!

Protect yourself from Anti-Virus with @PaloAltoNtwks Traps http://cgt.bz/1vu8j  @TeneoGrp

How @riverbed #SteelCentral help school uncover network issues BEFORE students or teachers affected. http://cgt.bz/1uffg @TeneoGrp

Partners @PaloAltoNtwks and @riverbed combine platforms for branch office #Security and #performance http://cgt.bz/1uiv5  … via @TeneoGrp

Ensuring Good Application Performance #APM #NPM #EUM http://cgt.bz/1uhvd  via @TeneoGrp

The April #conversationspark is still available http://cgt.bz/1vtpf  featuring @riverbed @PaloAltoNtwks @gigamon



Paris 1st June – Riverbed Disrupt https://www.teneo.net/events/riverbed-disrupt-paris-2017/

London 6th June – Infosecurity Europe 2017 https://www.teneo.net/events/infosecurity-europe-2017/

Tysons corner, VA 8th June – Drive performance and insight with Riverbed SteelCentral & the Gigamon visibility fabric:  https://www.teneo.net/us/events/riverbed-steelcentral-gigamon-visibility/

St Louis, MO 14th June – SD-WAN Hands-on workshop led by Riverbed’s CTO office https://www.teneo.net/us/events/riverbed-sd-wan-technical-workshop/

Vancouver 12th June – Palo Alto Ignite 1017 https://www.teneo.net/events/palo-alto-networks-ignite-2017/

Tysons corner, VA – Gigamon and Palo Alto networks: The power of network visibility in your security fight https://www.teneo.net/us/events/palo-alto-networks-gigamon-security/

On demand: Application Performance for the Microsoft Cloud  https://www.teneo.net/events/application-performance-microsoft-cloud/

On demand: Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform update: https://www.teneo.net/us/events/palo-alto-networks-next-generation-security-platform-update/

Various dates: Palo Alto Networks Vrtual UTD https://www.teneo.net/us/events/palo-alto-networks-virtual-ultimate-test-drive-series-2/

On demand: Riverbed Roadmap sessions:  https://www.teneo.net/events/riverbed-roadmap-sessions/

On demand: SD-WAN lunch and learn https://www.teneo.net/events/sd-wan-lunch-and-learn/

Various dates: Cylance technical overview https://www.teneo.net/events/cylance-technical-overview/


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