Coding: What Most Schools Don’t Teach

By Lauren Fortune

Chief Marketing Officer

Following on from our look at Minecraft: Education Edition, which is bringing coding into the classroom, we thought we’d revive this video from in 2013 which stars Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and (who’s as wacky as ever), among others.

The video opener is a quote from Steve Jobs stating that everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think. It’s fascinating to hear the stories of how the most successful technologists in the world got started with their early computers. Who knows where they’d be now if they’d started out learning on the technology platforms available today.

There’s something quite endearing about hearing them recount how their first programs asked, “what’s your favorite color” or made a green circle appear on the screen. The child within them reveals a massive sense of pride in their faces. It’s the same pride you still see on the faces of children in the classroom today.

What’s most important is that they all remember that coding was fun. And to preserve that fun, they now work in the most awesome offices!

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