Varonis DatAnswers

DatAnswers delivers relevant search results to the people who should have access to them, and only the people who should have access to them.

One of the most frustrating problems employees face is not being able to easily find the files they’re looking for when they need them. How many employees recreate content over and over again that their colleagues or predecessors have already created? Even if you could find relevant content, what context would you have about it about who worked on it and when? How would you even know who to ask about it?

DatAnswers provides efficient, secure search for human-generated content at an attractive price and with minimal infrastructure requirements.

DatAnswers uses metadata to:

  • Understand relationships between people and data
  • Profile access activity and behaviour
  • Predict where permissions are incorrect

And delivers a better experience through:

  • Highly relevant search results
  • Protection of sensitive content
  • Efficient indexing with standard hardware
  • Flexible API lets you integrate search into your own apps


Download the datasheet:

Varonis DatAnswers

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