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Think about your enterprise WAN. Has it existed in its current state for years? Granted, you might’ve made a few small changes, like a move to MPLS or implemented WAN optimisation. That might’ve slightly improved things, but analysts are now saying it’s time to completely overhaul and re-architect the WAN for good.

The main driver is business agility. It’s a common topic on the list for business leaders. And to make that a success, the network has to be agile. But how do you achieve an agile network with the complexity of a hybrid structure, including the Internet, cloud and mobile, that’s now creating completely different traffic patterns?

SD-WAN addresses all of this by automating the on-going configuration of WAN edge routers, running traffic over a hybrid of public broadband, private MPLS links, and other WAN links such as LTE, and in the process lowering cost, reducing complexity and increasing flexibility.

Talari creates a WAN that thinks for itself, adapting automatically to changing conditions, demands and priorities. By understanding a company’s applications and priorities, measuring the quality of the underlying network with every packet, and knowing the incoming bandwidth demand throughout the network, Talari has the insights to make smart decisions in real-time.

The insights are collected and aggregated for later analysis to help you understand how the WAN performed, how it was utilised, and what quality applications received as they crossed the network.

There’s a Talari SD-WAN Appliance for every network location, from small office to large Data Centre to call centre to cloud. Whether aggregating two T1s or supporting 3 Gbps of WAN capacity, each Talari Appliance has features and performance honed by years of operating in thousands of locations around the globe in a variety of industries.

Cloud Appliances:

  • Talari Virtual Appliance CT800 for AWS
  • Talari Virtual Appliance VT800

Physical Appliances:

  • Talari Appliance T5200: for data centres and large offices.
  • Talari Appliance T5000: For large data centres and call centres.
  • Talari Appliance E1000: For medium to large-branch locations.
  • Talari Appliance T3010: For headquarters and data centres.
  • Talari Appliance T860: Rack-mountable, can act as an edge appliance or network controller, and is ideally suited for a medium sized data centre or large remote office.
  • Talari Appliance E100:  Edge appliance for a small- to medium-sized branch office.
  • Talari Appliance T510:  For small office/home office environments.


For more spec details, download the solution sheet:

Talari SD-WAN Solutions


This technology is available on our Managed Service Platform and as a Service.

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