Riverbed SteelHead CX

Riverbed SteelHead CX delivers accelerated performance across the entire network – as if the applications were performing locally. Riverbed SteelHead CX is available in a variety of form factors/models, including appliances, virtual software, and cloud instances.


With Riverbed SteelHead CX you get:

  • A subscription-based cloud solution that accelerates 90% of major cloud providers and has been certified for Microsoft Azure, and VMware vCloud Air
  • Multiple hybrid network optimisation techniques, including Data Centre consolidation, data reduction and application streamlining
  • Support for up to 1 million connections through an intelligent and scale-as-you-grow performance architecture
  • IT control with quality of service (QoS), path selection and secure transport features
  • Increased visibility with end-user monitoring for all optimised traffic on premise – including optimised web and SaaS applications
  • Dynamic selection of the best application path based on network availability
  • Streamlined QoS configuration with per-site exceptions as needed, using centralised, business intent-based policies and application grouping

Riverbed SteelHead CX benefits include:

  • Delivery of application acceleration in every type of cloud environment, including the majority of public cloud environments with support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (certified), and VMware ESX-based clouds and vCloud Air (certified)
  • Ensure the best performance for the largest number of applications on premise, in the cloud and SaaS
  • Increase application and data transfer performance up to 100x
  • Reduce bandwidth utilisation by up to 99%, deferring costly network bandwidth upgrades
  • Secure all traffic between SteelHead solutions across private and Internet links with standards-based encryption
  • Increase throughput and the number of connections in a single box by up to 50%
  • Accelerate both replication and backup from the branch – or between Data Centres – by 10x or more
  • Eliminate the need for additional bandwidth or longer backup windows


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This technology is also available on our Managed Service Platform.

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