Riverbed SteelConnect

Riverbed SteelConnect is an SD-WAN networking solution that unifies network connectivity and orchestration of application delivery across hybrid WANs, remote LANs and cloud networks.

Offering huge advantages for global network teams, Riverbed SteelConnect drives apps and data based on priority quickly down the network path that you select when setting up your business policies.

Riverbed SteelConnect starts with a virtual, menu-driven network design first before anything physical comes on line. Its intuitive workflow, cloud-based centralised management and single intent-based policy enable automation and zero touch provisioning, removing the complexity of managing networks that extend to far flung places.

With integrated security and unified visibility, you can validate if each policy works, and if not, find out why not. The policies can then be changed instantly, so everything in your network works cost-effectively.


  • Ubiquitous and unified connectivity fabric spanning the WAN, Remote LAN and Cloud networks
  • Business-oriented orchestration for fast, agile and secure application delivery
  • Cloud-oriented workflow for designing, deploying and managing modern networks

RIVERBED SteelConnect Components:

  • Riverbed SteelConnect Manager: A centralised and multi-tenant management portal that provides an intuitive and simplified workflow for designing, deploying and managing distributed and hybrid networks.
  • Riverbed SteelConnect Gateway: A line of physical and virtual secure WAN gateways that provide unified connectivity (point-to-point and full-mesh) and enforcement of global policy across on-premises and cloud network environments, zero-touch provisioning, automated VPN management and next-generation firewall and threat protection capabilities.
  • Riverbed SteelConnect Switches & Access Points: A line of remote LAN switches and Wi-Fi access points that support zero-touch provisioning, automate global enforcement of access control policies and provide complete visibility into connected users and devices.








Riverbed SteelConnect & Zscaler


Read our CTO Marc Sollars’ first reaction on the launch of Riverbed SteelConnect: https://www.teneo.net/uk/blog/riverbed-steelconnect-launch-creates-myriad-of-options-for-sd-wan/

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