HDS Hitachi Content Platform

Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) supports the shift toward Business-Defined IT, where IT is driven more by business, not just technical goals.

HCP is an object storage solution that allows IT teams and cloud service providers to store, share, synchronise, protect, preserve, analyse and retrieve file data in a single system. With HCP, you have the freedom to move data to your choice of public clouds automatically, based on policy, and still retain control and visibility at all times because the metadata is securely stored on site. The system is more efficient, easier to use, and handles much more data than traditional file storage solutions.

HCP automates day-to-day IT operations, such as data protection, and readily evolves with changes in scale, scope, applications, and storage and server technologies over the life of data.

Hitachi Content Platform Features:

  • High-density, high-efficiency storage with adaptive cloud tiering
  • Reliable, utility-grade, global-access topology architecture
  • Multi-tenancy and scalability
  • Multiple data protection options, including RAID and erasure coding
  • A cost-optimised, erasure-coded, highly scalable storage tier option
  • Compatible with open source technologies
  • Easy to set up, manage and adapt
  • Unique metadata gathering and intelligence tools
  • Support for Internet protocols IPv4 and IPv6 as well as legacy, contemporary and emerging storage protocols and media types
  • Safe, secure file synchronisation and sharing with Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere
  • Integrated with Hitachi Data Ingestor to connect remote and branch offices

Hitachi Content Platform Benefits:

  • Store more data using less disk, floor space, power and cooling
  • Leverage the economics of cloud and support cloud bursting
  • Customise your hybrid cloud architecture using one or more leading public cloud services
  • Store sensitive content, big data or seldom-used content locally and securely with a cost-optimised storage tier option
  • Take advantage of a proven and robust object store solution within an open source environment
  • Choose from multiple data protection options based on the value and type of data
  • Maximise availability and performance with enterprise-class components
  • Eliminate the need for tape-based backups
  • Manage more data per administrator, change hardware automatically
  • Maintain visibility and control over data and content, regardless of where your content exists: on premises or in the public cloud
  • Automate operations and prepare for big data analytics
  • Address current storage issues and evolve to cloud, big data and Web 2.0 applications
  • Empower mobile workforces to collaborate while ensuring governance, protection and security of mobile data
  • Simplify and improve efficiency of branch and remote-office file services

Download the datasheet:

Hitachi Content Platform

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