Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS

Gigamon helps you to see what matters, regardless of where your data exists – public, private, and hybrid cloud.

Typical early workload migrations to the cloud involved tier 2/3 applications or development and test applications, but now organisations are migrating more tier 1 business critical applications to the cloud.

This process often introduces concern for security operations and cloud security architecture teams however as they come to terms with potential loss of visibility into these critical workloads and need to consider how they’ll still carry out forensics, data loss prevention analysis and security incident responses after cloud migration.

Gigamon helps solve the visibility challenge with the industry’s first pervasive Visibility Platform for private, hybrid and public clouds.

Providing a consistent way to inspect traffic for all monitoring and security tools, Gigamon delivers full and deep visibility into your workloads with an architecture ready for scale. The Gigamon Visibility Platform works with on-prem and cloud models, ensuring the same analytics tools can access both environments.

The Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS is made up of 3 elements:

  • GigaVUE Visibility Fabric Manager – an orchestration platform built for scale
  • V-Series Visibility Nodes – aggregate traffic from multiple Amazon EC2 instances and distribute customised traffic to all tools as needed
  • Traffic access, a soft user space agent deployed in Amazon EC2 instances to transport traffic to V-Series Visibility Nodes.

The Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS is built for scale and elasticity. When you spin up a new Amazon EC2 instance, Gigamon automatically detects that instance and provides automated visibility so you don’t have to do that manually.Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS

Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS Benefits:

  • Manage – See what matters. Whether on-prem or in the AWS cloud.
  • Secure – See more. Secure more. Obtain centralized visibility across all Enterprise VPCs.
  • Understand- Gain full transparency. Access traffic-of-interest traversing AWS.

Download the Solution Overview:

Gigamon Visibility Platform For AWS


Download the Datasheet:

Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS

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