Gigamon Enterprise Visibility Platform

Delivering visibility is one of today’s top IT challenges. As technology trends such as cloud, mobility and SDN merge, the scale and complexity of the network becomes enormous. Applications, data, services and users are interweaving to create a fabric of connections across an organisation’s infrastructure, which presents a huge management hurdle to overcome. This is where visibility, monitoring and analytics are essential to tie infrastructure together and deliver an agile service to the business.

The traditional approach to visibility however has been to drop monitoring and analytics tools directly into the network through TAP or Span ports. But as networks are growing, that quickly leads to tool proliferation and a significant increase in the cost of your monitoring infrastructure.

Gigamon has pioneered a new approach: the Gigamon Visibility Platform, a fabric which sits between the production network and the tools, delivering a very select set of data to your monitoring and analytics tools, thereby achieving tool consolidation and tool centralisation.

Gigamon Enterprise Visibility Platform:

Gigamon Visibility Platform

Gigamon Enterprise Visibility Platform Advantages:

  • Reduce TCO by reducing the number of tools you need
  • All tools have visibility of the data from all portions of the network
  • As you add, change or upgrade tools, you don’t have to interrupt your production network. You can change your visibility platform or change the traffic flowing to your tools but your production network stays completely operational, providing a completely new approach to manageability and monitoring.

To enable the Visibility Platform, Gigamon developed Flow Mapping, which takes data from the production network and only delivers relevant data to the monitoring and analytics tools you specify, therefore optimising tool usage. Multiple constituents or tenants, e.g. the security team, applications team etc can be served on the Gigamon Visibility Platform too, so that only the relevant data is delivered to their tools, in an ‘as a service’ way.

Download the Solution Brief:

Gigamon Pervasive Visibility Platform


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Download the Datasheet:

Teneo-Gigamon-Riverbed SteelCentral

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