Duo Trusted Access Platforms

Duo’s Trusted Access solution ensures only Trusted Users and Trusted Devices can access protected applications.

Trusted Users

In order to trust that your users are who they say they are, Duo verifies their identity with an easy-to-use two-factor authentication solution, while giving you the ability to enforce stronger user access policies.

Trusted Devices

Duo then checks your users’ devices for out-of-date software and missing security controls. Duo’s device access policies allow you to block any risky devices from accessing your data and apps, protecting your organisation against software vulnerabilities. Plus, you can notify and/or require users to update their devices at login.

Every Application

Finally, Duo protects Every Application you own, whether on-premises or cloud-based, allowing you to limit access to your applications based on type of user and device. Duo makes it easy on your users by offering single sign-on (SSO), letting your users log in only once to securely access all of their enterprise cloud applications.


All Duo Security plans are priced per user per month. Teneo provides the following plans:

Duo Access

Get detailed visibility into the security hygiene of every device, give your users a secure single sign-on experience, and quickly conduct phishing vulnerability assessments.

Duo Beyond

With Duo Beyond, you can identify trusted endpoints by easily deploying device certificates, block any untrusted endpoints and give your users secure access without a VPN.

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