Certes Enforcement Point

Certes’ unique variable speed data encryption appliances enable you to match encryption throughput to your bandwidth needs.

Certes Enforcement Point (CEP) Variable Speed Encryption appliances will offload encryption processing from network devices and applications. Now your data in motion for any application can be secure and protected without compromising performance.

Certes’ solutions are flexible and adaptable to provide tailored encryption for your targeted applications and networks, including IP encryption, Ethernet encryption, and encryption over untrusted networks or segments out of your control, such as the Internet or an MPLS network.

All Certes data encryption appliances support Certes’ ground-breaking CryptoFlow tunnel-less VPN technology, for flow-through security policy and group key management.

Certes Enforcement Point Appliances are available in the following models:

  • CEP10G VSE: A multi-layer encryption appliance that provides Ethernet frame encryption, IP packet encryption and payload encryption for IP and MPLS networks.
Download the Datasheet


  • CEP5 LC: A multi-layer encryption appliance that provides tunnel-less data protection.
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  • CEP Variable Speed Encryptors: Bandwidth customisable CryptoFlow multi-layer encryption appliances that provide tunnel-less data protection.
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