Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager

The Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager is a virtual and software-based Layer 7 Application Delivery Controller (vADC) with Brocade Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Brocade Services Director add-ons. The Brocade vADC family enables a more flexible application delivery strategy and provides a common delivery and control platform that can scale according to business needs.

Virtual Traffic Manager is one of the top virtual ADCs providing scalable, secure, and elastic delivery of enterprise, cloud, and e-commerce applications. The vADC technology line controls traffic to and from applications and enables fast, reliable, and secure application delivery to users anywhere from the cloud or Data Centre.

The vADC platform is made up of the following technologies:

Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager

The Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager is a software-based Layer 7 Application Delivery Controller designed to deliver faster, high performance user experience, with more reliable access to public websites and enterprise applications, whether they run in a public cloud, private cloud, or virtualised environment, while maximising the efficiency and capacity of web and application servers.

Brocade Services Director

Brocade Services Director cost-efficiently automates the deployment, licensing, and metering of application delivery services. Each application is given a dedicated application delivery controller instance in a high-density multi-tenanted platform. Organisations allocate charges to each client application based on hourly metering, offering ADC-as-a-Service to customers and applications.

Brocade Web Application Firewall

The Brocade Web Application Firewall is a scalable solution for application-level security, both for off-the-shelf solutions and complex custom applications, including third-party frameworks. It can be used to apply business rules to online traffic, inspecting and blocking attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS), while filtering outgoing traffic to mask credit card data, and help compliance with PCI-DSS and HIPAA by filtering of outgoing data.


Download the datasheet:

Brocade Application Delivery


This technology is also available on our Managed Service Platform.

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